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KPM-B series Gear Reducer  KPM-B Type & Expressions

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1 Code for gear units series:TKM、TKB
2 Spexification code of gear units 50、 63、 75、 90
3 1)B:Means 2stages 2)C:Means 3 stages
4 Speed ratio of reducer i
5 1)No mark means without output flange 2)FA,FB,FC,FD,FE(1/2):output Flange and position
6 1)No mark means without hole output 2)SS(1/2):Single output shaft and position 3)DS:Double output shaft
7 1)Output flange code(63B5/71B5/71B14……) 2)HS means shaft input
8 Installation position code
9 1)No mark means without motor 2)Model motos(poles of power)
10 Position diagram for motor terminal box default position 1 not to write out is ok

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